72 Africa is a non-profit, non-government, action-oriented organization focused on peace-based solutions in conflict areas within Africa.

Our premise is simple: without peace, nothing matters. Peace, on the ground, at the grassroots level is key. Also key, is fostering peace that is sustainable, not temporary.

We all realize that lasting peace is only possible when people have access to education that includes peaceful alternatives to conflict, live in stable environments, and have clear prospects for a meaningful future. In order to build sustainably peaceful environments, we employ a 3-pronged approach that develops organically from the initiatives of local communities and works with existing regional institutions, promotes collaboration among the non-profit, government and business sectors; and ensures participation by men and women from diverse communities and all levels of society.

Our approach focuses on three “pillars” of activity


We provide assistance in allowing those in conflict to resolve their differences peacefully. Our conflict resolution activities include discussion, training, meditation and building trust. They ultimately have profound effects if given time and investment.


We educate the community, especially its future leaders, in the techniques of peace building. This is done through schooling, from elementary through post-secondary levels. We provide the means and the structural mechanisms to do this, thanks in part to our close relationship with the George Mason University School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution.


Many economic development organizations implement preconceived ideas of what businesses would be good in a community. In most cases, the initiatives either fail or the region becomes dependent on that aid organization. At 72 Africa, we strive to listen to the communities to discover what they are passionate about and how they want to lift up their community. We then connect their dreams with the right type of support they need in order to allow them to thrive.