Everyone knows about waging war…

Few (especially governments) also understand waging peace…

They think that peace is the cessation of fighting or the establishment of some democratic benchmark (e.g. elections). They tend to adopt short-term, quick solutions; often focusing on symptoms, not causes. They tend to evaluate progress by a measurable quantity of activity rather than by the quality of the impact. They often see peace as something obtained in capitals, at meetings, and by government officials.

72 Africa wages peace by simultaneously:

>> Helping people find solutions to current conflicts

>> Educating people, especially the next generation of leaders, on resolving future conflict by peaceful means

>> Building environments of stability, prosperity, and hope

We understand that waging peace:

>> is something that must be planned for and actively maintained

>> is not about an investment in the present, but in the future

>> is about investing in their future, not our solutions

>>most importantly, is about acting to prevent the violent conflict, not reacting to horrific events!








Show your commitment to actively engage in Waging Peace. Whether you focus on the spread of violent extremism in the Middle East and Africa, on the terrorist attacks in Europe, or on the increases in violence across the United States, it is critically important for all of us to actively engage in Waging Peace now.

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Download Your Wage Peace Sign!

Print it out and take a picture of you and your friends holding the sign up at home, at a restaurant, or wherever you hang out and send it to friends via email, or, better yet, post it on social media. Be bold and creative — who can be seen with the sign in the most interesting or meaningful place? #wagepeace @72Africa