2019 Fundraising Campaign

Cashew farming has enormous economic potential and is resistant to the effects of climate change.

“A study completed by USAID and the West African Trade Hub found that for every $1000 in cashew sales by farmers, 120 jobs were created in the central Ghana.” (Source: African Cashew Alliance)

Combining cashew cultivation and beekeeping, can lead to a 100% increase in cashew yields.

One beehive can produce 63 liters of honey per year. At about 14 cedis per liter, a Ghanaian farmer can make 882 cedis/yr from a single beehive. This equates to about $180 of additional income.

Combining cashew farming and beekeeping can increase a household’s income by 30%.

2019 Fundraising Campaign for Cashew and Beekeeping Projects

We are raising money to help fund cashew farming and beehive ventures in northern Ghana. Cashews are sometimes referred to as “grey gold” for their economic potential. Placing beehives on the farm not only increases the crop yield, but also provides additional income through honey and beeswax. In addition, cashew trees are resistant to the impacts of climate change in the region.

This past year, there has been so much local interest in our cashew and beekeeping projects that we are hoping to raise enough money to establish two additional nurseries in neighboring communities.