In order to build sustainably peaceful environments, we employ a 3-pronged approach that combines direct conflict mediation and resolution, education, and local economic development. Our projects target that “third pillar” of economic development. Through targeted support and investments in local entrepreneurs, communities grow in ways best accepted and suited for their environments and create critical opportunities and hope, especially for youth who desperately seek constructive and meaningful futures.  In fact, unemployed youth who have no prospects and have lost hope are the number one targets for local recruitment of violent extremist groups and “conflict entrepreneurs,” thus undermining many peace initiatives. These initiatives don’t have to be huge to be effective. But they do need sustained support beyond initial investments. You can help with your donations.

Damongo Youth Peace Enterprise

A local young man who has been a driving force in our efforts to “Wage Peace” wants to create a business that continues his work while offering economic opportunity and hope for his peers… Learn More >>

Women's Batik Entrepreneurship

A local woman creates beautiful cloth using a technique called batik. Her dream is to take young women off the streets and teach them this craft, giving them not only the skill, but also the opportunity, to be part of a growing business… Learn More >>

Honey Co-Op

Honey bees are abundant in Northern Ghana and hives are naturally formed in trees and bushes.  Many people use fire to harvest the honey from these hives. 72 Africa is helping local communities in their efforts to harvest honey more sustainably and profitably through our support for the Damongo Beekeepers Association (DABA)… Learn More >>

ICT Training and Infrastructure

One of the growing needs of youth and of the local economy in the Northern Region of Ghana is access to computers and the Internet. Through our partnership with a local CISCO-certified network engineer, we have offered computer training programs to local youth and have the opportunity to bring the Internet to Damongo… Learn More >>