ICT Training and Infrastructure


One of the growing needs by youth and by the local economy in the Northern Region of Ghana is access to computers and the Internet. The education system in Ghana is in transition and students are being required to use online services to register for classes and examinations as well as to check for admission to schools and examination results. Most of the forms required by educational and some government institutions now need to be filled online. Because of its rural location, businesses desire Internet access in order to expand their customer base as well as better ensure their supply chain for supplies and products.  72 Africa is interested in assisting in this endeavor.


Felix is a CISCO certified network engineer who desires to set up an Internet business in which he provides Internet services to communities in rural areas.  72 Africa has used Felix to wire our Peace Center and offer some youth training as part of our youth outreach programs.  He envisions the business as having four aspects:  

1. Supply Internet to more areas in the region

2. Teach people how to effectively use computers and Internet

3. Provide training to young people who want to go into the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) field, but cannot afford the expensive training in the big cities

4. Offer hardware and software support for the many computers in the area in need of repair.


This business approach will not only supply a critical need, but will also increase the job prospects of local youth, create much-needed jobs at the local level, and promote overall economic growth.  Moreover, having access to the Internet for a greater number of local citizens, especially youth, helps 72 Africa spread their message of waging peace.