2016 WAGE PEACE CHALLENGE ~ BE A Part of the movement!


Are you ready to Wage Peace? The fact is that governments wage war; it is up to individuals to Wage Peace. Consider that the Nobel Peace Prize is given to individuals, not governments, and even those who were heads of state win based on their individual actions — sometimes in spite of their citizens’ opinion. It is an effort to wage peace. It doesn’t just happen. It’s a challenge for each of us. Are you up for the challenge?

Whether you focus on the spread of violent extremism in the Middle East and Africa, on the terrorist attacks in Europe, or on the increases in violence across the United States, it is critically important for all of us to actively engage in Waging Peace now.

This is not a passive, sit-back-and-watch challenge.  Instead, get up and get busy. Here are some simple ideas that you can do right now:

Click here to download the sign above:

  • Print it out and take a picture of you and your friends holding the sign up at home, at a restaurant, or wherever you hang out and send it to friends via email, or, better yet, post it on social media. Be bold and creative — who can be seen with the sign in the most interesting or meaningful place?
  • Make this sign your Cover photo or Profile on Facebook, Linked In and other social media platforms
  • Encourage your friends to do the same with their social media accounts
  • Tweet the sign using #wagepeace and @72Africa
  • Send this sign (physically or electronically) to your elected representatives (Executive bodies and Legislative bodies at all levels of government) and tell them to prioritize our policies and funding toward efforts that prevent violent extremism and sustainable peace, not just defend against or react to it.
  • Volunteer at organizations that are actively trying to address the conditions that lead someone to violence.  Go to a rally or a march supporting these organizations.
  • Personally engage with youth in your community (or around the world) who are less fortunate than you are and may be targets of extremists.  Listen to their challenges, their ideas, their views and their dreams.  Give them hope!
  • DONATE to 72 Africa and another organization that work to address root causes of violence…do so now!